Zdenek KalaDear foreign participants, 

let me join my colleagues and give you a hearty welcome in our city. Let me express my hope that the congress and the meetings held hereunder will be a success.

Let me point out that the city of your meeting is both a historical and current centre of medical education provided by the local Masaryk University, where the courses and study programmes take place in a modern Campus and where the construction of a modern simulation centre – SIMU – has been started recently. The city is also an important centre of medical scientific research, which has a long tradition here, carried out both in traditional institutions and in co-operation with new and high-tech research centres, such as CEITEC, ICRC in the St. Anne University Hospital and RECAMO in the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute.

Moreover, I´d like to emphasize that the city and the whole region are a traditional leader in surgery in the Czech Republic and that top quality and advanced surgical treatment is provided in district, municipal and regional hospitals situated in Brno and its vicinity, in two university hospitals, a children´s hospital, Military Hospital and in the specialised institutes of CKCHT (Cardiovascular and Transplantation Surgery Centre) and the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute.

In view of the foregoing, it is a great honour for our city and region to welcome you, prominent specialists in coloproctology from many countries of Europe and other continents.


Zdeněk Kala




Dear friends,

it is hard to believe that in April 2018 it will be 25 years from the first CEECC (Central and Eastern European Club of Coloproctology) congress, which was held in Brno, Czech Republic. Subsequent congresses took place in Slovakia (Piešťany), Lithuania (Kaunas), Poland (Lodz), Austria (Graz), Serbia (Belgrade) and in Russia (Moscow). In the Czech Republic, the event continued to be held in a limited scope in Letovice (7 times). 

The congresses were attended by top professionals from all over the world. The meetings were always characterised by a high expertise, very friendly atmosphere and collegiality. Personal contacts, the sharing of experience and presentation of high-edge trends, both in the area of technology and organisation, contributed to a considerable uplift of coloproctology in the entire Central and Eastern Europe. I am very proud that similar meetings on a worldwide level have been taking place in Lodz and Belgrade, and became a tradition.

Dear friends, welcome to Brno, the city of Johann Gregor Mendel, Leoš Janáček, Karel Absolon, Ernest Mach, Jaroslav Bakeš, Adolf Loos, Viktor Kaplan, Milan Kundera and other significant personalities. In a city of universities, international trade fairs, Grand Prix Moto GP, in the city of advanced technologies (40% of the world production of electron microscopes).

Welcome to the South Moravian Region, a region of fundamental archaeological findings (the Venus of Dolní Věstonice), the famous battle of Austerlitz, a region of wine, industry, agriculture and forestry, a region of sports and culture!


I am looking forward to seeing you here,


Tomáš Skřička on behalf of all the organizers.